The Mixes Of Larry Ching AKA dj Earthling (SF Bay Area), also dj Soulbeams

First off, I'm not the internationally known Earthling (aka Dj Celli). I've only used dj Earthling in the San Francisco Bay Area and points north.

In May 2018 I started using dj Soulbeams as well.

And now, on to the music!

2018: Ambient Awakening, May 13 : 5:00AM to 6:30AM Sunday morning.  Setlist here.

2016: Friends & Family NYE 2016/2017 - 4:30AM - 6:00AM Saturday morning.

2015: Chillits - 4:30AM - 6:00AM Sunday morning. Setlist here. With drop-outs removed at around the 41 minute mark.

2014: OODE 18, "Next Stop - Dreamville": 2:30AM to 4AM, last set before quiet time. Starts with Patsy Cline, ends with U-Roy. Somewhere in the middle is Dead Can Dance, Bill Nelson, and Ambient Temple Ov Imagination (ATOI).

2004: Chillits, September 19 : A daytime set, with me in a retro/silly mood. Malo, Bo Diddley, Tom Jones.

2003: KZSU, DJ Ghost's "Ghost and the machine" show, November 1-2: Chillits 2003 Special #3. Three whole hours, broken up into three segments. Space, lounge, spoken word, jazz, world music, etc.

2003: Chillits, September 12 : A tag-team set with Brian B., doing a live mix soundtrack to the film Forbidden Planet.

2001: Elements - March 31, produced by Absolute Zero.: I was assigned the alchemical element of Air. Starts off with pioneering electronic music from Mother Mallard. Cluster, Horizon 222, and Wendy Carlos also in the mix.