Scott M. Nelson

Current Address
369 E. 15th Street
Eugene, OR 97401

Permanent Address

413 Brighton Street
Salinas, CA 93907

Job Experience

The Web Works
San Francisco, CA

Part Owner/Virtual Office Manager: June 1995 to present.

Eugene, OR

Part-time position: September 1994 to present.

Espresso to Go
Monterey, CA

Full and Part time position June 1993 to August 1995.

The York School
Monterey, CA

Summer Employment: June 1990 - June 1993.

Century 21 A Property Shoppe
Salinas, CA

Part-time employment: June 1991 to December 1992.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Monterey, CA

Volunteer Work: September 1990 - June 1992

Educational Experience

In progress: Computer Science, theUniversity of Oregon

Computer Science

Other Relevant Coursework
High School: The York School, Monterey, CA
A private college prep high school with a 100% college acceptance rate. Winner of the
National Blue Ribbon Award in 1992-93.

Computer Skills
I have basic experience with Hypercard programming, Pascal and C++ from introductory computer courses at the University of Oregon.
I am experienced in html with a concrete knowledge of the 2.0 specs and a basic understanding of the 3.0 specs. I am interested in working more with interactive forms and have a good understanding of how the Web and interactive forms work. I have a lot of ideas about the use of the Web and ways to distribute information. Here are some of the pages I have designed/helped create:
Server Maintenance/System Administration
I have run MacHTTP, Mailshare and an FTP server on my PowerMac from January to June '95.
I have modified a prewritten script to send comments to my unix account. I have also written my own scripts for the Espresso To Go pages (see above), they are written in Perl. I have also installed and run wwwstat-1.0 from my unix account. Working on these web pages I have learned about access settings, directories and many other unix features. I am literate in common account commands and am studying about shell scripts (general overview of Bourne, C and Korn shells).
Software Skills and Knowledge/Platforms
  • Aldus Pagemaker 5.1
  • Adobe Photoshop 3.0
  • Microsoft Office 4.2
  • PowerCADD 1.0
  • ClarisWorks 2.1
  • Filemaker Pro 2.1
  • MacHTTP 2.0
  • Netscape 1.1N
  • Mosaic 2.0
  • MacOS 7.5.1
  • Windows 3.1
  • UNIX (SunOS, UnixWare, Linux, BSD)
  • VMS

Computer Hardware/Software


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