Why Are You Here?

There are many reasons to go to a party or to be a 'raver'; here are some ideas that we got from all over via the internet:

"because we celebrate life and battle
because we are not satisfied
because it is up to us
because we love to sing and dance
because the pressure is upon us
because there are governments and borders and cops and courts
because the boundaries must be broken
because we are out of control
because they said we couldn't do it
because we feel like it"
c/o Komotion International-San Francisco

"You can be anything you want here." -Penelope (Boston, USA)

"ACCEPTANCE! I luv that you can leave the shallowness of modern social standards at the door and become part of the human family again at a rave!" -Wendy (DC, USA)

"Raving should be a release of emotions, not a means of escaping your inner feelings and fears. Most of us fell in love with raving because of the sense of community; we needed people to reach out and touch us, but we didn't realize that what we needed to do first was reach deep down inside and get in touch with our selves, then we could spread the love. At that point we would know that the love is real; not just a reaction from E. We can only improve the scene if we improve ourselves first." -'salami' (Toronto, Canada)

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