Sunset Poem

This poem was handed out at Sunset, a weekly afternoon gathering during the summer mostly. Pacific Sound System organizes it and relies on donations to keep the sound going and djs to volunteer their services.

This poem is dedicated to this summer - which is the summer of freedom. It is time to celebrate being free and what it really means. The fact that we are all here means we are already a step ahead of society. Everyone celebrate and help spread the feeling of freedom. This is only the beginning of this poem, add whatever you like. love to you all...
Freedom is to dance wherever, whenever
Freedom is to looke someone in the eyes and smile Freedom is to moan in pure ecstasy
Freedom is to shout full of bursting, bubbling energy Freedom is hugs without expectations
Freedom is to cry at beauty
Freedom is to question reality
Freedom is to have tears streaming down your face whil walking alone Freedom is to love and raise your hands in the air and sing that lovely song, hum that tune, scream or be silent
Freedom has no need to compete
Freedom is to be
Freedom is about respecting yourself
Freedom gives everyone the right to create Freedom is light
Freedom is loving yourself
Freedom is accepting faults
Freedom is to believe
Freedom is to imagine anything you please Freedom is shouting "everyone is beautiful!"
Freedom is stating your mind
Freedom is dreaming
Freedom knows no limits

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