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Think about it... how many times have you gone to a party, waited in line for hours because the tickets were oversold, nearly passed out when you got inside because it was overcrowded and HOT, got pissed off because the sound (and the djs) sucked, and ended up leaving at 3am when the cops came and closed the party down? Now, we all know that accidents happen, but very often problems occur when the promoters are unorganized and concentrate more on money and luxuries than on the essentials. We decided to throw this event to offer party-goers something that is a bit different; to expose people to different djs, different styles of music, but most of all to get us all together to HAVE FUN. English or French, black or white, 'oldskool' or 'newskool.' This, for us, it what it's all about: dancing to amazing music and having fun together. Everything else is a bonus: the poster-sized, full-colour flyers, the $500 clothes, the 10 zillion watt lasers, the 16 zillion watts of lights, and the gallons of Vicks. We'd like to thank you for coming to our party and would like your feedback, in whatever form (email, voicemail, in person, smoke signals, etc.) as we DO care about what you think. Remember, this scene is CONSUMER DRIVEN so, if you don't like something, DON'T BUY INTO IT. If you think a promoter is wack (that includes us!) tell them and don't go to their parties. They will either have to put on better productions or stop putting them on altogether. Remember: YOU have the power to influence the scene.
thanks for your time, Keith, Ecto and Mateo
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