Curfew In San Francisco?!

You (18+) are legally old enough to: Why can't you stay out after 2 am in San Francisco?

San Francisco has been refusing certain groups of people their constitutional right to assemble. This means you or your friends. This can eventually mean all of us. We cannot allow the police to abuse the power we have given them. Fight the SF Curfew on Minors

To fight this law, you will only have to send two letters: one to Captain Yalon, and a copy to his superiors (the newly elected SF board of Supervisors). We must make him aware that there are many of us, and that we are demanding our freedoms back. We must alert the supervisors that their police are out of control.

For addresses, fax numbers, letter format and more info, call: (510) 649-8047
Even if you are not affected by this law, show your concern and unity by writing to the Board.
If you are a minor, write! If your parents approve of your activities, get them to write as well. Do not wait for someone else to do this for you!

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Last Updated: December 12, 1995 -- Scott Nelson