New Year's Eve 1994

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I didn't feel up to driving all the way to SF (from Watsonville) so I decided to head to the Cloud Factory party in Monterey. I got in about 10:30 and at that point some local industrial act was on. This wasn't at all what I'd been expecting and the 10 or so people on the dancefloor were kicking around a couple full size blow-up dolls and a mannakin's head. At this point I was getting a real negative feeling from the whole affair and almost headed back to a private party in Santa Cruz.

Luckily I stuck it out until the DJs came on at around 11:20; they had about four guys rotating around five turntables and ended up with a pretty cool effect. The light show was good as well. I was kind of disapointed that more people weren't dancing; a lot of them just sort of sat there. There probably weren't more than 60 people on the dancefloor at a time. The promoters were totally cool. Cheap admission, no security, and free oranges for everyone.

I also ran into a bunch of people I hadn't seen since high school which was also totally cool. Well, back to LA soon...

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