Back to the pit. We managed to have a map point at a coffee shop that a friend worked at. So no trouble this time. The cost was again $3 to help pay for expenses. The Djs were HDW, Tim McKnew with Jeremy on the Korg (aka Aural Anesthesia), Deaks and Donut. Again [as below] the tear down was pretty hectic.

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My friends and I all had a WONDERFUL time at Cumulus. I think each of us agreed that it was a party that we actually had a really good time at for once in a long while. (Too many lame parties at 24th and Illinois, not counting the first two or three at that spot -- before it was a 2-A-Week location.)

All the DJ's at Cumulus did a great job as I expected, and the music kept me floating about an inch off the ground all night. We stayed until after sunrise to see everyone off, and it turned out there was no one but Bryce and the other DJ's to help lug the sound system back up out of the monstrous and amazing sand pit the party sat in. I convinced my friends that WE would appreciate and need the help from others if it were OUR party, and that we were practically obligated to give them a hand.

So, up the giant sand incline we went with the sound system, two to a monitor. That hill was our death.

I couldn't see straight for 30 minutes after I got to the top. Somehow we made it back to our car, but I was satisfied that we had just saved the Cumulus crew probably about an hour of backbreaking labour.

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