This was our first flier.

The theme of out first few parties would turn out to be the names of cloud formations. Cirrus was the first one picked. We held the event at a place we call the pit. A large sand pit which was either a sinkhole or mined for sand. It is about a hundred yards deep and quite a workout for carrying sound equipment! The djs for the night were K-Go, Tim McKnew, James and Deaks. We tried to have a map point and we were going to charge $3 but being slightly disorganized we changed the voice mail before we went to the map point. To our dismay the map point got busted before we got there! So we just put the directions on the voice mail and made it a free party with suggested donation. Well it turned out to be a damn good party. The morning was hellish but we survived and were inspired for the future.

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Last Updated: December 12, 1995 -- Scott Nelson